March 25, 2009

Oh Baby, Baby!

We have lots to be thankful for right now.

Andrew passed his last (and probably biggest) hurdle of dental school - he passed his CITA clinical board exams with flying colors. He is now nationally and state certified and licensed to be a dentist!! The only thing he has left to do now is finish up all of his graduation requirements at the school...which is no easy task, but I know he'll do it! He has to have all of his case requirements completed by May 8 in order to graduate on May 22. I am so proud of him - he is soooo close!

Kelly found an awesome apartment in Downtown Memphis. She's moving up there immediately after she graduates from Ole Miss on May 9. It's in Peabody Place, a block from Beale Street and less than 5 minutes to the nursing school @ UT-Memphis. I'm very excited for her...and a little envious!

And...we have two friends who are preggers!! One is our long time family friend, and she is due at the end of April. The other is a friend from college and dental school, and she is due in August. I went to a baby shower on Sunday for the family friend, and got a real taste of what all the little booger will need! Seems like a lot of work - but I will say there are a multitude of new-fangled gadgets out there to make new moms' lives a little easier.

The April Baby is a "surprise" and the August baby is a boy! Although Andrew and I are on the "three year absolute minimum plan," I go back and forth over whether I would want to know the sex or keep it a surprise. Most of you who know me probably are surprised that this is even a question for me. You probably assume that I'd definitely find out. But still seems kinda fun to wait it out. Would you want to know? or would you keep it a surprise?

On another note...
Izzy is growing up! She is still as cute as can be, and lovey-dovey. I love her to death, but Andrew is obsessed. He's really funny with her, and his favorite line is, "she's just a little baby..." He says this when he spoils her, which is constantly, of course.


Bridget Barbara said...

I need some new Izzy pictures! Or a playdate with Bella.
Hm, I think I may (one day) forgo the excitement of the surprise in order to adequately prepare ahead of time by knowing the sex. My mom knew I was going to be a girl and I ended up with an all pink bedroom waiting for me. Even the carpet. She may have gone a little overboard? haha

Kendall said...

Congrats to Andrew! Way to go! I'm also loving your new blog template!

Miss you!


Alison said...

Bridget, Izzy and Bella definitely need to play. She's only had a chance to play with Lucy and Hugo so far, but Lucy is old and Hugo is a boy, so she needs a new girl dog friend :-)

and thanks, Kendall!! You are sweet. Thanks for the recipe, too!