April 13, 2009

Memory Lapses

I was kindly reminded this morning that I have yet to post my "surprise." The only problem is that I couldn't remember what it was for the life of me. I seriously racked my brains all day long. Nothing. Until about 5 minutes ago....

So, back to "The Wedding" Event from the other night. My friend Laurel and I were approached by two journalists from the Jackson Free Press, so we chatted it up, not knowing what would become of this. However, JFP is starting a new wedding section called "Hitched," and they want to feature us as the first two brides. They will meet with us and our fiances before the weddings, get the scoop, and then come hang out at the wedding to see how it all comes together. I feel famous. Really more like *shocked* that someone would want to do a story on MY wedding. Pretty neat, huh? Laurel will of course be first, since she's getting married May 23 (yay!), so I'll have more of an idea what it'll be like after hers.

This week is an exciting week minus the Oral Lesions exam I have Wednesday, that I'm supposed to be studying now, but instead I'm writing nonsense on my blog because it's much more fun. Tuesday is the Ole Miss vs. Miss.State Baseball game in Jackson at Trustmark Park. Andrew and I have awesome tickets right behind home plate! (Side Note: this was one of the first things we did together last year when we just started dating. kinda fun.) And yes, I am going to the game the night before my test. Wednesday we are having date night with dinner and our Netflix movie. Thursday we're going to visit my crazy French Grandma Georgette in Laurel. I hope we get another round or two of B-I-N-G-O in this time! Friday is "Alumni and Friends Day" at the school = day off! Then a dinner at River Hills later that night. Yum! Saturday we're going to Oxford!!!!! Breakfast at Peter and Darcy's, Red & Blue Spring football game, then our shower!

Oh and Easter was a blast in Oxford! Both of our families + both dogs = great times. The Easter Bunny traveled all the way to Oxford to leave us Easter baskets. Izzy and Lucy had the best baskets by far. New stuffed bunnies to tear apart, plastic eggs with treats inside...you get the picture.

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Melia said...

Hey, Alison! Donna Ladd, the Editor of the Jackson Free Press, forwarded me this post. I'm glad that you're as excited as Darren and I are to be profiling you and Andrew in Hitched! You and Laurel were the perfect people to meet at The Wedding event to kick off the column. You're on my Google Reader now, so I'll be keeping up with your wedding plans.

By the way, I think you'd love my sister's wedding blog: http://www.no-dowry.com.