August 4, 2010


Time has been FLYING by!  Andrew and I just celebrated our FIRST anniversary on August 1, and we couldn't be happier.  I have no idea where the last year has gone, but we have had so much fun together and have grown so much closer.  I thought we had decided a few months back that we weren't going to make anniversaries a big "gifting" type of occasion, but more sentimental.  We did get some big gifts this year, but mostly sentimental.  You only have ONE first anniversary, right?

ALL Andrew wanted (and by that I mean puppy-eyed begging...) was a MITER SAW.  Yes.  A saw.  I mean how romantic and sentimental can you get??  I gave in.  He's been so "into" building things nowadays, so I knew just how excited he would be.  We went to Lowe's and I said go have fun :-)  It was like a kid in a candy store!
^ Look how happy he is!  ^
All set-up and ready to go!

^ A little sneak-preview of the latest "project" ^

I am really excited about my gift, too!  We had to order it, so I don't actually have it yet.  I wanted a new band to wear with my wedding band.  My engagement ring is a solitaire with a diamond band, and my wedding band is a solid white gold band.  I love my simple band, but I have trouble wearing my engagement ring at school sometimes, with constantly pulling gloves on and off, etc.  So I plan to wear my new band along with my wedding band whenever I cant' wear my engagement ring.  Probably sounds ridiculously silly, but I will show you what I mean when I get it!

I couldn't stand just getting Andrew a SAW for his gift, because I really wanted our anniversary gifts to be a little more sentimental.  I know his saw can be considered sentimental because before I know it, I will have a house FULL of new furniture, all hand-built by my wonderful husband and we will reminisce about how he got that saw on our first anniversary....but I still couldn't stand it.

You know that list of gifts for each anniversary year?  it's like a theme or something?  probably not, because I guess it's kind of old-school, but I LOVE the idea of having a theme for the anniversary gift each year.

1 - Paper
2 - Cotton
3 - Leather
4 - Fruit/Flowers
5 - Wood
6 - Candy/Iron
7 - Wool/Cooper
8 - Bronze/Pottery
9 - Pottery/Willow
10 - Tin/Aluminum
11 - Steel
12 - Silk/Linen
13 - Lace
14 - Ivory
15 - Crystal
20 - China
....of course they're pretty awesome from 25+ like diamonds and emeralds and all that goodness!

I'm not sure what to think about year six - candy or iron?  good thing I have some time to plan before that one.  I also think it's funny that year TEN is TIN!  easy to remember :-)

Year one is PAPER.  At first I was a little disappointed.  How fun can paper be?  womp womp.  Then I started thinking about all the things you could do:  tickets to a concert, tickets for a trip, love letters, etc.  All of those are on paper, right?  Just using a little creativity.   THEN I came up with a marvelous idea, if I may say so myself: artwork or a painting of something special.  I asked best friend since Kindergarten, Anna, to do a watercolor of the church we got married in.  SHE IS AWESOME!!  Look at this masterpiece:

Andrew had NOOOOO idea.  Which is pretty impressive because we have NEVER, ever been able to keep a secret/surprise/gift from each other.  One of us just always gets it out of the other one or we just spill it.   So it was REALLY fun to have an actual surprise.

If you're still reading and if you've had you're first anniversary, did you eat your wedding cake?  Did you freeze yours?  I love hearing these stories!  There are the most hilarious and ridiculous "methods" to preserving this frozen block of cake to eat a year later and 90% of the time it's disgusting!  haha! Our cake lady offered us a few options: add an extra layer to the cake to save and freeze, just bake an extra layer but not add it to the cake and freeze it, OR to bake a FRESH new cake a year later.  We totally opted for #3!  We did our date night last night since we were out of town this past weekend.  We had an awesome dinner at Bravo! and came home to eat our AMAZING cake!

We cut it all "officially" and everything! haha!  We only cut one slice because we were so full.  Don't worry, I totally ate a full slice with my coffee this morning.  Breakfast of champions. 


Amber said...

Happy 1 year!!! So fun and loved all the goodies you guys received! It's fun to celebrate! Hope to see you soon :)

Mrs. Magnolia said...

I loved this post. Apparently, I have not stalked your facebook enough to see all your wedding pictures. They are gorgeous! Sounds like y'all had a great anniversary & I love the gifts y'all gave. I wish I had known it was your anniversary Sunday so I could have said my well wishes when we saw y'all at Papitos.

We froze our 1-year cake. The box was wrapped up in at least 10 walmart bags. We put it in the refrigerator a day or so before to let it thaw. We told this was the appropriate method. It was surprisingly delicious and it still looked as beautiful as it did on our wedding day. The best part was the champagne that was in our hotel room at the Peabody our wedding night that we saved for our 1st anniversary. Ohhh the bubbly!