April 7, 2011

Dining Room Dilemma

Big news - we bought some new bedroom furniture!  We found a set that we both really like, and we are really excited to upgrade to a king!!  I know this sounds ridiculous but the master bedroom is really big, and only a king looks remotely the right size in there.  At least, that's what I convinced Andrew of :-)

So that leaves the living room and dining room as our two other rooms that need the most work.  We are contemplating a sectional in the living room, again, kind of because of the size and layout.  I never have really liked sectionals, but we found one we like, so now we have to measure it out to see how it will fit. 

The main dilemma we're having is with the dining room.  We don't have any furniture for this room.  I can't decide whether to have more of a china cabinet type piece of furniture or something more along the lines of a sideboard/buffet type piece.  My parent's have both, a sideboard/buffet and china cabinet, and Andrew's parent's have 2 china cabinets.  I'm not sure that we have room for 2 big pieces of furniture, so I can't decide which way to go if I can only fit one.  I like the sideboard/buffet idea because I can put lamps, frames, decorate, and even serve food on it.  I like the china cabinet idea because I can display our china and crystal.  

If you have a dining room, what kind of furniture do you have?  What are you're pros and cons for each?  Any help or advice is appreciated!


Arianna Belle {Organized Interiors} said...

I'd go with a sideboard/buffet for the same reasons you mentioed -you can add decorative items on top, and use it to serve food as well! Looking forward to seeing progress pictures!



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Sarah Denley said...

Well, I'm sure you can fit both as we have both in our living room/dining room. BUT if I had to choose I'd probably go with the china cabinet. Even though you can't decorate ON it, I think it's fun to display your china, especially since most people our age don't use it frequently.

Mary Mel said...

I think either would work, although I am really looking forward to having a sideboard. I display and store in my china cabinet, but would look forward to having a sideboard for surface space. I think both would work for storing and displaying. Can't go wrong!