August 19, 2011

From Bachelorettes to Brides

Andrew and I attended several weddings this spring and summer.  I also had some very fun bachelorette parties to go to, too!

My High School Friend: Jocelyn ~ now, Mrs. Dill!

We had her bachelorette party in Nashville and the theme was a "Boot-Scootin' Bachelorette Bash."  Her wedding was April 2, and was so sweet and chic at "The South" in Jackson.  It was so Jocelyn.  
cute Nico & Lala bachelorette basket

pretty in pink

My Sorority Sister: Amy ~ now Mrs. Burns!

We had Amy's bachelorette party in New Orleans with a "Bourbon Bachelorette" theme.  It was perfect with a balcony overlooking Bourbon Street.  Her wedding was June 18 in Savannah, TN and at Pickwick Lake.  It felt like a getaway for Andrew and me!  It was lots of fun with lots of friends!
fun on bourbon!  
getting ready to walk down the aisle...
fun college friends! 
the mister and me

My Dental School Friend: Jenny ~ now, Dr. Shutt!

Unfortunately I didn't get to go to Jenny's bachelorette party in Memphis, but Andrew and I both got to be a part of her wedding.  We both read together during the ceremony.  Jenny and Spence got married July 23 in Senatobia.  We had so much fun catching up with everyone.  All of my pictures are on my camera, instead of my phone, so here are some pics of me with them a few weeks before the big day.  
Senior Awards Banquet at the end of dental school...miss these girls!
out eating crawfish with the cute couple

My Oldest Friend: Anna ~ now, Mrs. Jeffries!

Anna is my first friend ever.  We don't even really know how long we've been friends, but it's at least since 4 or 5 years old.  I can't even put in to words how much it means to still have a friend from that long ago. Anna's bachelorette party was over the 4th of July weekend at Orange Beach.  We had a "Red, White, and Blue Bachelorette Bash" theme.  It was so cute and unique.  The night we went "out," the bride-to-be wore white and the rest of us wore red and blue.  Her wedding was on July 30 in downtown Memphis.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  The groom cried. I cried. Then we partied hard at the reception at the Cadre Building, complete with Elvis sunglasses for all.    
red, white, and blue!
a break from the dance floor
the elvis shades made the night
{Evan Baines Photography}
How amazing is this??  Check out more of her pretty pics on her
photographer's blog.
Andrew and I split a room with Carley and Bobby at the Peabody.  It was a big weekend for all 3 couples because us Rosses were celebrating our 2 year anniversary {August 1st}, the Reas were celebrating their 1 year anniversary {July 31st}, and the Jeffries were officially inducted into our "anniversary club."  We are taking nominees for the next couple to join our club...who will get married on July 29, 2012??

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