February 2, 2009


Ok so I've been working on our website, although it is definitely still a work in progress! I still need ideas for some good songs to add to the website. Also, I'm working on bridesmaids dresses, a place to have the rehearsal dinner, ideas for flowers on a budget :-) including the ceremony and the reception. Look at the picture I posted of the church and let me know if you have any suggestions on doing one main arrangement in the center or whether you think 2 arrangements up front would be better - catch my drift? I'm leaning towards two. Send me any links you come across for a good bridesmaid dress...my dilemma right now is not necessarily finding a dress I like, but finding one it the right fabric and colors. I ideally want to do a slate blue type of color, but a lot of those blue-grays turn up different colors (such as purple) in photos, and therein lies my problem - not really looking to go the 80s prom dress route haha! I've found one that I like that's in a color called "slate" - think that'll be pretty? It's in a tissue-tafetta, so it has a sheen to it and picks up different colors...probably sounds kinda weird, but in person it's really pretty! I'm thinking of adding pale blues and greens in my bouquets of mostly whites and creams - hoping for a pale splash of color so it's not too plain jane and neutral. (This is all just in my head anyway!) But at least this "slate" color is a neutral with a lot more punch than a champagne or taupe type color, so I'm hoping it'll work. Any ideas? Suggestions??

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