February 16, 2009

Puppy Love

Guess what my Valentine's day present was?? a sweet little puppy, named Izzy! She is a solid black miniature rat terrier. Izzy loves to: sleep, snuggle, give lots of kisses, eat until she gets a pot-belly, eat clovers or any type of green leaf, and then she likes to sleep and snuggle some more! So far, she's been a quick learner and everyday more and more of her sweet (with a tad bit of spunky) personality comes out. She's 10 weeks old now and weighs a little less than a pound (we think?).

Wedding Updates:

I have finally picked out the bridesmaids dresses! check! It's a dress by Watters, and the color is "slate" luminescent taffeta. It is gorgeous and flattering, which is always a good thing. Although the color isn't the direction I originally planned on going, I LOVE it! It picks up some blues, some browns, and will go with anything (although that description probably doesn't sound very pretty, ha).

We are beginning the process of registering and picking out china and all that fun stuff. So far, Andrew and I have registered at The Everyday Gourmet and Bed Bath and Beyond. We've yet to pick our fine china, but at least we've got our everyday china picked out and in love with it - Juliska's Berry and Thread. Also planning on registering at Belk, Oxford Floral, and anywhere that carries our yet-to-be-picked fine china.

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Amber said...

Alison, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are in such a sweet and fun season of life. I'm so glad you sent me a message and your blog, I LOVE checking others' blogs! Maui was AMAZING! I loved getting away and spending time together in such a gorgeous place. We stayed in the area of Maui called: Lahaina. Hawaii is pricey so I worn with caution, but such a sweet time to be had and lots of fun things to do on this island. Please, please ask me anything if you two need any help with your search. I'm thrilled for you and rejoice in this season of your lives!