March 31, 2009

a little reminder.

Remember to check out our website for more wedding details:

Also, don't forget to check out the countdown at the bottom of the page...122 days and counting! and believe me, I am counting down!

Oh and a quick update on the Disney dining of December 26, 2008, you can only make reservations during your 90 day window. It used to be a 120 day window, so that's why I was being "hurried" to make them. Now we have time :-) I just hope Disney will release their August 2009 hours before then, so we can have a better idea of where we'll be each day. Have I mentioned how excited I am?? Andrew and I did a happy dance Sunday night. and again last night. :-) He swears he's going to wear a fanny pack. I wouldn't put it past him...

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