April 9, 2009

A dilemma and some fun

Here's my dilemma: Tomorrow I have another test, yes, it's on Good Friday (I'm pretty sure that's a sin in God's eyes...but I digress). It's in my Missing Teeth III class where we are learning how to design partial dentures (woo hoo, exciting, I know, but try to contain yourself) and it'll probably be one of those tests where it'll still be tricky no matter how hard or long you study. However...there is this big "The Wedding" event going on tonight @ Highland Village (www.theweddingeventms.com). I received 2 free tickets to go (normally $50 so you know it'll be nice)! AHH decisions! I really want to go!! Maybe I'll study hard this afternoon, go play for a little while, and then get back to work...

On a fun note, if you share a love for musicals like me, or even if you hate them, you MUST watch this...I wish this would spontaneously happen all the time. I think everyone would be happier :-)

My whole family, Lucy and Izzy included, will be traveling up to Oxford for this Easter Weekend! Only bad part is I'll have to study some :-( since I have a lab project due Monday (another sin...) and a test in my Oral Lesions class on Wednesday. But I'll hardly ever turn down a trip to Oxford - I can't wait for next weekend, too, when all my besties will be there for Red & Blue Weekend and our shower!

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Kendall said...

Did you get to go to the event? Post details!