May 6, 2009

Mexican. My Favorite!

Yesterday during Cinco de Mayo, of course, the sweet girls from my D2 class at school got together and threw a bridal shower for me and my fellow bride-classmate, Bridget. We went to Margarita's right after school and had a blast! It was nice to get all of us together (we missed you, Lane!) to relax and have fun before we get stuck in the books for the next 2 weeks. The girls were so thoughtful and gave us each a Wolfe Bird - which I am obsessed with and love! Thanks!!

We made our Disney Dining Reservations, finally!! Our 90 day window "opened" on Monday morning. Then I got an email saying "Welcome Ross Party!" :-) I also added a Disney Honeymoon countdown at the bottom of the page. We got all the ones we wanted - woo hoo! Ticker
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We got our invitations. I love them. Andrew's "Doctor Andrew Samir Ross" on there - so fun! Now, I just have to psych myself up to start addressing them since I've decided to do my own calligraphy. Kinda nervous about this.

I got a little worried the other day about getting everything done. I don't have shoes. Don't have a hairpiece for my veil. Don't know what to "toss" when we leave the reception. Don't have bridesmaids gifts. Don't know what to do about hair and makeup (do I do it myself? have a friend do it? splurge with the money I already don't have?). Haven't picked out my favorite pics from our engagement shoot for the paper, to print, etc. Havent' met with my coordinator. Haven't worked on my program (or even ordered the paper). Haven't found someone for my dress alterations. The to-do list never ends. Have I mentioned I'm in school? haha

But on a happier note, I GET MY WEDDING DRESS ON FRIDAY!!! I can't wait to see it/try it on - It's been a while.

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Catherine Sledge said...

hey aliho! if it makes you feel any better--i COMPLETELY forgot to get another bouquet made to toss at my wedding...when it came time for the toss, i briefly panicked but then just grabbed one of the bridesmaids' bouquets that was on a nearby table! and...since i feel sure you remember who caught the bouquet at my wedding (heehee) and, since it seemed to have done the trick (HEEHEE), i just wanted to say not to worry too much about it--it will all work out in the end! :)