June 30, 2009

Curtain Success

Andrew and I successfully hung 2 sets of curtains Sunday night. "Successfully" in the most liberal sense...as in, they are still on the wall. The first one we hung up is completely ghetto. The curtains themselves are perfect, the rod and the placement on the wall, not so much. We have never laughed so hard in our lives! We vowed to go get a new rod and brackets and try again. We totally redeemed ourselves on the second set of curtains, though. Perfection. They totally change the look of the master bedroom. It has been fun to begin making Andrew's house into "our" house.

We had an awesome lazy weekend in Oxford. I wish I had all kinds of things to tell you that we did, but all we did was watch movies and hang out at our friend Jeffrey's pool. And I loved every minute of it! Speaking of the pool...Izzy had her first dip in the pool, and boy is she a fast swimmer - she's a natural!!

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