July 9, 2009

23 days? 3 weeks?

Whoa...where has the time gone? I remember when my countdown was in the 160s. Now we're down to 3 weeks! You know, time flies when you're having fun :-) and we're having lots of fun. Andrew and I checked off several things off of our to-do list last night: music for the rehearsal dinner slideshow, music for the wedding ceremony, readings for the wedding ceremony, ordered gifts, and much more! Please don't judge us for not having these things finished before now. We're pretty laid-back about all this wedding stuff, I must say. Y'all should be proud of me.

Now that I've planned all these "do it yourself" projects, it's actually time to DO them. I have a test tomorrow (so this is going to be a short post since I shouldn't even be blogging right now), but this weekend we're FINALLY staying at HOME! I am going to make out a calender-type to-do list, where each day I have a project to complete or work on. Hopefully this plan of action will help me accomplish everything in the next THREE weeks, that's right, THREE weeks! Knowing myself all too well though, I'll probably spend WAY too much time making out the to-do list calendar than actually "doing" everything on there. Typical.

On a very random side note: This week I've done a root canal and 4 fillings :-) I love working with patients. Just wish we had more clinic time to fit 'em all in!

On an even more random side note: Andrew got a new phone! He won't be able to pull his classic "blackberry pearl MINI" joke on you anymore with that old school Nokia, sadly. I know he tricked some of you.

Goodbye old Nokia, RIP:

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Allison said...

I found you through Kim's blog. Best wishes for a fabulous wedding! Great blog!