August 10, 2009

It's Official.


What an awesome feeling. Everything was absolutely perfect. Not everything went as planned (it poured down rain), but it was perfect (at least things cooled down, right?). I don't even know where to I figured I'll just start a mini-series of wedding posts. Sorry to disappoint you but today's not really that wedding-related. I will definitely post some pictures soon whenever I retrieve my computer from my parents' house.

I'm on Andrew's computer at work because we had quite an eventful morning for our first morning back in normal life. We were both headed out of the house this morning and somehow his car got locked...while cranked, with keys, phone, briefcase, and lunch (freshly made by the new wifey) all inside. Thankfully AAA put a "priority" on our call and was there in a jiffy. I just brought all of Andrew's stuff to him at work, so now we've decided to just eat lunch together. So much for that freshly-made lunch...

Also, I've been trying to figure out how to change my name. This seems rather complicated. Am I correct in thinking that I must first go to the Social Security office and then the DMV? I think I need my marriage license and driver's license and birth certificate...anything else important I'm forgetting? or any words of wisdom??


Amber said...

Go to the Social Security Office and then DMV, but as I remember the DMV didn't really look at anything, but just carry that marriage license everywhere you go as it's your pass to your new name! Glad the wedding went good and it rained on our wedding too, but I loved every min! Happy Marriage!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Alison, this is Kim (Breaux) Ferguson. :) I love reading your blog. It's so cute and happy! Anyway, you can actually mail your marriage license along with your passport to Social Security. Believe me, it's a ton easier than trying to go down to the office. And you should have your new card within about five weeks. You really can't do anything until you get your new card, though. If you go to SSA's Web site, you can get the local SSA address. And a friend suggested this site to me: Hope this helps!


Alison said...

I'm officially Alison Hogan Ross! Thanks for the help!