July 24, 2009

Wedding Frenzy

I'm totally shoulders-deep in the wedding work, but loving it! Monday I definitely made a three page to-do list. Yes, three pages.

Andrew and I finished the rehearsal dinner seating chart on Monday night, and we finished all of the rehearsal dinner place cards. Whew! What a relief! They turned out super cute, though, with the help of my bestie and bridesmaid, Anna :-) who is a wedding pro. I honestly don't know anything that she is not good at. It was another fun DIY project. Now I'm making place cards for the bridesmaids luncheon, and they are looking great, too!

The girls in our class in dental school got together to throw our friend Lauren a Baby Shower on Thursday morning. It was perfect - lots of absolutely delicious food and lots of fun. She got showered with lots of baby boy gifts. I've decided baby showers are much more fun than bridal showers...everything is cute and miniature and soft and fluffy. Here's a picture of her and her cute belly working on some ortho lab work. She is the cutest momma-to-be :-) We are all anxiously waiting to find out what baby Charles Naurice Crenshaw, V 's nickname will be...
Andrew is finishing our new DECK this weekend! Last weekend while I was gone on my Bachelorette party, he and another guy took out the window in our backyard and added a door in, along with a 16 x 16 deck and pergola. They have been working sooo hard, and I can't wait to see the finished result.

Mom dropped me off at the front door at school today for the last time ever. I'm 24 years old, and that's pretty pitiful, I know. I will say that I have thoroughly enjoyed our time together every morning plus the lunch she packed me everyday. Thanks, Mom!

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