October 30, 2009

Doctor-Patient Relationship

Andrew lured me to his office on Wednesday. I thought I was going to look at a new puppy that could potentially join our family. When he couldn't get in touch with the lady with the puppy [a good thing because we decided not to get the puppy], he said, "hey, while you're here let me just take a quick x-ray of your wisdom tooth." Now, I've been wanting him to take one of my wisdom teeth out, but I just didn't expect so soon! So, he took the x-ray, and then decided to go ahead and do it that day! Yikes! The good thing was I didn't have any time to worry and freak out about it. He was soooo good! It definitely gave me such a great new perspective on what my patients are feeling. But I was up and going the next day just fine! He's such a great dentist!!

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