October 28, 2009

Wish List

Now's the time when everyone starts asking you what you want for Christmas. Since Andrew and I just got married in August, I feel like we have more that everything that we could need or want. Especially in the kitchen department. [Finally got a Kitchenaid mixer!!] Andrew and I are having a hard time thinking of stuff that we want. Of course, I'm always game for some new clothes, but we hardly have any room for necessities in our closet now, so (a) we don't have room more more clothes and (b) it's hard to ask for clothes unless you pick them out with the "buyer" there and then there's no surprise. I want a Shark steam mop [haha!] but Andrew says I can't ask for that for Christmas. I'd also like Snow White on DVD, but that's about as far as I've gotten with my wish list.

Another problem is that my birthday is December 15, and Andrew's birthday is January 11. Two weeks before and after Christmas. So we need more ideas. [Side Note: Christmas in Egypt is Jan 7th, so technically we both have Christmas birthdays...and it's ok to leave your tree up that long because it's Christmas somewhere!] Plus we do Christmas in Jackson and Christmas in Oxford, so we try to give each other 2 presents, one to open each place.

Speaking of the Christmas tree. We almost put our tree up the other night. I am a firm believer that trees shouldn't go up until after Thanksgiving, but for sure after Halloween. Andrew put up a hard fight, though, so we went ahead and rearranged the living room in preparation, but told him he'd have to wait on the tree. Also, "our" tree [i.e. Andrew's tree] is way too big for our ceilings/house etc. I think it looks hilarious. I have always grown up with a real Christmas tree, but I figured we could get 2 more years of use out of this one while we're still in this house. Then we're going to transition to real trees. We are both seriously in love with Christmas-time.

Sorry for all the rambling today, but the real question comes down to what in the world are YOU asking for Christmas?

Disclaimer: I know Christmas is not all about gifts. But when I told that to Mrs. Ross, she said "Well, when I was your age, I loved gifts, so I'm going to buy you gifts, so what do you want?" haha...love that lady!!

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Kendall said...

You're too cute :) I'm sure you'll come up with something for your list!