October 2, 2009

My Green Thumb

I love to work in the yard and garden. Last weekend, I put out two pretty mums on our front porch, and they made me feel all fall-ish. I would love to put up one of my fall wreaths on the front door, too, but it's in a box in the storage in the garage. The only problem is the door to the storage room is currently blocked by a trailer in the garage. Oh well.

This summer, though, I planted some green sweet potato vine in a big pot on the back patio. I love that stuff because it's pretty easy and spreads well. Usually not this well, though! This is the result of 3 of those teeny tiny square pots. Yes, I repeat, only three of those little pots. I used fresh potting soil, but then basically did nothing else after that - pure neglect is apparently the key!
My Dad jokingly asked if I grew any sweet potatoes in all that mess. I actually did grow a sweet potato! haha
I found my little surprise when I was cutting all of it back last weekend. Who knew??


Kendall said...

Congratulations! I'm super impressed :)

Rachel Bolanos said...

Hey Alison! It's Rachel Roth...loving your blog!