January 10, 2010

At least it wasn't MS for once

Really, Alabama?

I found out this morning that the BCS trophy is now on display at 2 local Wal-mart stores in Tuscaloosa.  Read the story here.  I think it's hilarious and shows off true Alabama "class." 

I'm just glad it wasn't us for once.  Thanks, Alabama!

Also found out that they are erecting a statue of Nick Saban now.  As if his ego wasn't big enough already.  Apparently the Alabama rule is that you get a statue if you win a national championship.  I guess the 1/2 million dollars bonus wasn't enough.

Ok, one more Alabama headliner for you...probably the best yet.

The Texas Motor Speedway and the Talledega Superspeedway had a little bet going over the BCS game.  The deal was that the loser would fly the other one's flag for a week.  But the best line out of the whole story:
"Also, Talladega will receive a shipment of Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse beef brisket."
 That was really sweet of Texas to throw in the brisket, too, don't you think??

Ok, one more...

There's an "underground" singer/songwriter out there, Carter Hamric.  Maybe you've heard of him, but I haven't.  He just recently recorded a song creatively titled, Roll Tide Roll.  It became a big hit this December.  His next song to-be-released?? It's called Facebook Her.  This kid's a genius. 

Alright, enough ragging on Alabama.

I need to go finish this weekend's project:  Taking down and packing up the Christmas decorations.  Ugh.  I'm sure most of you did this weeks ago, but I am lazy.  I actually keep mine up through January 7th, which is Christmas Day in Egypt.  [If you're interested, that link has in-depth info on Christmas in Egypt based on the Coptic Church (a Christian church in a very predominately Muslim country)].  So I use it as an excuse to allow myself to keep everything out until then!

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