January 13, 2010

Calling All Questions

Can you tell I'm bored?

I'm officially opening the floor to any and all questions you may want to ask me or are wondering about me. I'll be embarrassed if no one asks anything, so feel free! My friends Sarah Denley and Rachel have done this in the past, and I thought it was so interesting and fun. Plus it gives me new "material" to write about. Just leave a comment with your questions!

Side Note: I can't believe I haven't "announced" this on the blog (ha!)…but I'm super-pumped about my our Valentine's gift to each other: Jersey Boys at the Orpheum in Memphis!! We're jealous of all the shows that Peter & Darcy always get to see, so we're really excited to go to one with them this time! Counting down to January 31!!

Random Fact: Andrew and I still haven't known each other for 2 years yet, but we've been married for almost 6 months. That just hit me the other day.

Remember to ask away!


Rachel said...

YAYYY! Here are mine:

Are you and Andrew planning a trip to Egypt anytime soon?

When do yall want to have kids? How many?

Do you have any names picked out for future children?

Catherine Sledge said...

Hi! :) a couple of questions--1) what motivates you? you are a very driven girl who gets a lot done at school, stays organized, etc. what keeps you going? and 2)how do you feel about opening a practice with andrew? do you plan to work 5 days a week, 3 days, or something else?
ps that is so crazy that y'all have known each other for such a short time! you really complement each other so well.
and 3)do you think you'll miss jackson when you move?

Kendall said...

I saw jersey boys last year...it is AMAZING! I know y'all will love it :)