April 11, 2010

Karate Master

I thought the title might catch your attention!  I received the “Master of Karate and Friendship Award” from my friend, Lindsey.  I met Lindsey through my friend Megan Werner, but I knew her husband through Campus Crusade long before that.  Lindsey is so much fun, and we love us some Ole Miss Rebels!

Here are the rules for the award:
1. List 6 things you are a master in.
2. Pass it on to 6 bloggers you think are masters at friendship and make blogging awesome.

P.S. I have no idea who came up with the name for this award - but it sure is funny!

I'm a MASTER at...

  1.  Painting a room WITHOUT using painter's tape.  I've actually recently reached the master "status" for this because I used to be a huge proponent of the painter's tape.  However, I realized that I was not only a master at taping a room off, but also painting those tough edges without tape.  If you ask me, it's much more efficient to be a master at the last one...
  2. Losing things.  This may come as a shock to many of you who still manage to think I'm really organized (which I'm not).  I've lost gift cards, (that's like throwing away money!) shoes, earrings, etc.  My latest loss is my keys.  Not good. 
  3. Fonts.  I love anything and everything to do with a font.  Seriously, it's like a secret obsession of mine.  I love handwriting in new fonts (remember my calligraphy attempt for my wedding invitations?) and especially downloading new fonts on the computer.  Remember to save things as a PDF if you use a new font so it won't revert back to an "arial" or "times new roman" when you are depending on it.  Picking out my wedding invitations was sooo hard for me because there were WAY too many font choices!  haha.  I can still remember rambling off things like "do you think the serif or sans serif one?" I think I was the store's worst nightmare customer. Sorry!
  4. Researching make-believe trips. If you spit out the name of a place you'd like to go visit, I'll spend the next few hours, days, etc. obsessing over hotels, things to do, weather, good deals, etc.  I'll practically plan the entire thing out.  And then, it hits me, "What am I doing?"  This is a make-believe trip...and reality sets in!
  5. Color-Coding, Labeling, Spreadsheets, Charts, and Maps.  I know I mentioned in #2 that I am not organized, but I can organize very well when I so choose / go neurotic.  As a joke one year, I said that I wanted a label-maker for Christmas, and lo and behold, Santa delivered one!  Needless to say, it was love at first sight label.  99% of the time, I truly am very unorganized, but once in a blue moon, my type-A personality gets the best of me.  I can remember way too many times when I made a chart for studying, but I spent so much time making the chart that I never even had the time to use it or review it.  Of course the chart was likely most definitely color-coded and in Excel.  I also have a new semi-obsession with Google Maps - creating different routes, marking certain "stops" or landmarks along the way, color-coding different routes...see, here comes type-A again.  [I asked my lovely husband what he thought I was a "master" at, and these are the things he came up with!  haha!]
  6. To-Do Lists.  Who knows how many I have going at one time.  Mental ones, written ones, school ones, grocery ones, errand ones, cleaning ones....Do they ever get checked off? NO.  I just write a new one.  Probably not a very efficient system.  I just usually feel much more accomplished if I write a list, whether any of it gets done or not.  :)
Whew.  I'm now passing this torch on to....


Sarah Denley said...

I'm going to do it later in the week and I tagged YOU for something on my blog!

Mrs. Magnolia said...

This post made me laugh out loud. I love that you got a label maker for Christmas.

Rachel said...

Hey girl! I'm going to do this post tomorrow - thanks for the tag and I loved reading yours!

And I tagged you for something on my blog :)