May 20, 2010

better late than never?

I apologize from the month-and-a-half-long hiatus from the blog.  School and life just caught up to me! 

Today is the last day of my D3 year...which somehow sneaked up on me.  This year has flown by.  Now there's only 372 more days until I am a D.M.D. and the latest "Dr. Ross."  Let the countdown begin!

My graduation isn't the only big thing happening 372 days from today.  My little sis' Kelly graduates from nursing school THE. SAME. DAY.  She's graduating from UT-Memphis at the Fed-Ex Forum at 1:30 the same day I'll be graduating from UMC at the Coliseum at 10:00.  Geez Louise.  We'll obviously have to divide the parents up,  but not sure how that will work.

What have we been up to lately?  We've made several trips to Oxford, which probably doesn't surprise any of you.  Some of those trips included the Red & Blue Spring Football Game, Ali & Richard's Shower, the Double Decker Festival, Mother's Day, etc.  And all of them were a blast, of course. 

We've also been busy with some projects around the house.  Basically just some furniture re-arranging/removing.  Trying to de-clutter the house.  We made a few changes in the breakfast area, took out the baker's rack, lowered the light, etc.  We worked on our deck, putting new furniture out there and hanging up shades.  We made Izzy a "fancy" bed.  Yes, I know, we're ridiculous.  It cost < $10 because we used scrap wood and fabric from wal-mart.  We "framed" our basic bathroom mirrors to make 'em look more spiffy.  [What a super easy and super cheap project!]  The project we're working on now is the study room.  We took the futon out and are taking out one of the bookshelves.  Then we're taking the big table out of there (even though it's an awesome study table) and replacing it with the desk in our bedroom (because we have too much furniture in our bedroom).  Then we're going to put a twin bed in the study to replace the futon, but we're making it a daybed so it'll be more couchy-officey.  All we've done so far is take out the futon and some knick-knacks so it'll be a while before I can show some pictures (i.e. we actually have to do work.) 

Here are some pictures of our other progress:

Izzy's Bed.  Complete with a bedskirt and blanket.  I know...ridiculous, right?

Our deck!  We love this "addition" off of our master bedroom.  I spy Izzy girl...

Framed up guest bathroom mirror.  We did the same thing in the master bathroom, too.

and this isn't really a new project, but it's Izzy's new favorite toy.  Dora the Explorer!  How funny?  We caught all these stuffed animals and toys at Mardi Gras, and she found them the other day and pulled every. single. one. of them out all over the house! 

So that's what we've been up to...nothing crazy but all fun!

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