August 6, 2010

Office Room Redo

Finally snapped some pictures of the other guest room, which we mainly use as an office/study room.  We re-did this room for FREE.  At least I really can't think of anything we spent money on. 

We already had the paint in the garage from before I even knew Andrew, so I count that as free.  Plus it's been painted for about a year, but nothing else has been done to the room.  The paint is called "French Pastry" and I think it shows up more yellow in the pictures than in the room. 

There used to be a teeny cot-sized futon in here, but we luckily snagged this twin bed from my parents' house.  It's actually the trundle bed to a daybed - but don't tell!  Originally I wanted to make the bed a daybed because I felt like that was more "fitting" for an office type of room, but then that meant either buying new bedding and bedskirt OR way too much effort in making the existing bedding work for a daybed.  Plus I only have one sham.  AND the whole point was to re-do this room for free.  So it's a regular bed.  boring.  but free :-)  It also really bugs me that I don't have a headboard or at least a painting/picture up there.  I argue with myself over that one.  We've been trying to actually take-down all the bajillion things we have on the walls in this house, so I might just leave it plain-jane even though it still annoys me. 

If you EVER saw this room before, you will appreciate that this is a HUGE difference.  But if you didn't see it before, hopefully you still think it's pretty cute for being FREE!

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Kendall said...

Hey lady! Love the room! Here is a cheap idea for a headboard: a vinyl sticker! Seriously I've been wanting to buy one of cute are they?