August 9, 2010

Weddings Lately

Andrew and I have had fun celebrating some weddings lately!

My friend Carley got married to Bobby, and we are so happy for the Doctors Rea!  Their wedding was at St. Peter's in Oxford and the reception was at Off Square Books - soooo much fun!! 

High School Friends with the Bride
Me and cute hubby :-) please excuse the sweatiness.  it was so hot!
The Herzogs - showing us how it's done.
FUN bride and groom!!

Andrew's friends, Amber and Johnny, got married, too!  Their wedding was at Brandon First United Methodist and the reception was at River Hills.  Amber is a dental hygienist and they gave toothbrushes as favors :-) 
at the reception with our friends, Alan and Kimsey!

Happy Wedding Season!  We are counting down to the next one - Ali's - at the end of August!!


Sarah Denley said...

So, we know Johnny and Amber from church! How do y'all know the McCormicks?? [Clearly, we know them too!] Also, is your dress from Anthro? It so looks like one from a season or so ago!

Alison said...

How fun! I know Amber and Johnny through Andrew. He was good friends with Amber when she was in hygiene school and he was in dental school. He was good friends with Johnny in college!

Alan and Kimsey are best friends with Peter and Darcy (my b.i.l. and s.i.l.) but we are all really good friends!

The top dress is Antrho and the bottom dress is J.Crew. I wore the Anthro one for my rehearsal dinner last year :-)