September 2, 2010

Handy-man Husband does it again!

I am so impressed!  He made these awesome new outdoor chairs for our front porch + a matching table from scraps. 
I'm in love with the chairs and my husband. 
We like the adirondack chair look, but I feel like I'm always too low on the ground and it's hard to get out off.  These chairs were the perfect variation.  Normal seat height, but similar look.  Here are the plans...check 'em out.  We are obsessed with the Knock-Off Wood website - see the button over on the right side bar.  Our next house will be FILLED with handmade and custom-made furniture - just wait and see!  Andrew has really enjoyed having little projects to work on while I'm doing school stuff (scheduling patients, figuring out how to graduate, studying, etc).  I can't wait to be FINISHED with school so I can partake in the building fun. 

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