September 24, 2010

My Master Bedroom

This week at Kelly's Korner, the "Show Us Your Life" theme is the Master Bedroom.  So here's a peak into mine! 
The pictures are a few months old so there have been a few updates, but you'll get the idea...
view from the door when you walk in

another view from the door in, looking towards the door to the deck

view from the closet door/deck door

just another view...

Some of my favorite things:
  • old furniture - all of our furniture is from our childhood
  • the picture above the bed is needlepoint my great-grandmother from France made
  • door to the deck - Andrew [handy-man husband that he is] and a friend took out the window that was originally in its place, put the door in, and built an awesome 16x16 deck off the master bedroom [it'll be included in the "backyards" post to come].  We love having this extra space off of our room :-)
I know it's a little plain, but we recently painted the walls a few months ago, and we decided not to put too much up on the walls because we know our time in this house was limited.  Thanks for taking a look!


Katie said...

Looks great buddy!!! I am definitly impressed with Andrew's handy work!!! Can't wait to see more!

Heather said...

Your bedroom is so pretty! I love the colors, I'm wanting to do the same colors in my room!

Janae @ Somewhat Couture said...

What kind of dog is Izzy? She's really cute! What kind of floor do you have too? Pretty French doors!

Alison said...

Thanks for the sweet comments!

Izzy is a tiny lil' rat terrier. She has the BEST personality. ever.

The floors are stained concrete, and we love them!