September 25, 2010

Moving Monday!

We put our house up for sale on a whim at the beginning/middle of August, and we were under contract 26 days and 3 showings later.  Since then we've been just going through all the pre-closing stuff like inspection, appraisal, etc.  We have the official closing this Thursday, so we have been packing up in order to make our move this Monday. 

So where are we going? We are moving into my mom and dad's house for now.  We'll have the whole second floor to ourselves, which is practically the size of our little house.  [thanks, mom and dad!]

To be honest, I didn't really think it would sell so fast, but I am relieved.  I just want to be "settled" again so I can prepare for my upcoming national board exam (boooo).  I'm a mix of emotions about the whole move: excited (to start a new chapter), sad (to leave our first home), relieved (that it sold so fast), and stressed (about packing and moving an entire house)! 

And since I'll be in school Monday, I've left it ALL up to my husband and my dad.  HAVE I LOST MY MIND?!?! Absolutely. Positively.  I had nightmares about unpacking all of this stuff about 6-8 months later and not knowing what box anything was I gave Andrew extensive directions on packing.  My main request was that he write on the outside of the box everything that was inside the box.  Check.  Some of the boxes have essays on the outside.  At least he listened :-)

Last time my dad and Andrew were involved in a move without my presence (moving my sister to Memphis), it included Andrew on top of the moving truck at one point while dad was maneuvering/driving around a sharp curve.  Please pray there are no shenanigans like that this time.  Please.


Rachel said...

good luck with everything! that is great your house sold so quickly! i know this must be a VERY exciting time in your lives!! :)

Mary Mel said...

yay for selling the house!! congrats!! One step closer to being in Oxford with us! =)

Mrs. Magnolia said...

Congratulations on selling it so fast!! I'd be thrilled if I didn't have to help in moving! Hope to see you in Oxford soon missy!

Ali said...

That's so awesome your house sold so fast! I'm sure your parents are glad to have you guys so close before you move to Oxford.