October 3, 2010

My Almost Dining Room

I'm still continuing to do Kelly's link-up for the Show Us Your Life series on homes, even though I've moved out of "my" home.   I'll just show my old house (already sounds so weird to say that!!). 

We are all moved in at my parents' house.  Funny, I actually feel like I have more space here :-)  Andrew and I will be wandering nomads for the next few months (between my parents and his parents), but we are blessed!  We may live a crazy and chaotic and exhausting life right now, but I try view it as a "season" of life and enjoy it for what it is. 

So here is my "almost" dining room.  I say that because we didn't have a formal dining room space at that house, just a lil' eat-in kitchen.  We used the table and chairs set that I had in my apartment before I got married.
view from standing in the kitchen

all set!

Our "everyday" place setting :-)

No frills, but I like it.  Sorry I'm a little behind on the posting...better late than never!


Jacki said...

saw your blog from Kelly's Korner. Love your place setting!

Maryann said...

It's very sweet and cozy!

Mrs. Magnolia said...

I do believe we have the same table & chairs! Of course, we both have great taste :)

Hope to see y'all in the Grove for the AU game!