October 15, 2010

Office/Study Room

Kelly's touring home offices this week!

I posted this room not too long ago as one of my re-do rooms.  It's a guest bedroom and office.  We've called it lots of different names...the study, the office, the back room, and "the library" (we think that sounds the fanciest). 
looking in from the door

I love this desk - it was my homework desk growing up.  Unfortunately all these years later I am STILL doing homework at it :-(  but Andrew also uses it to pay bills and do his "stuff" there, too.  I'm sure you've spotted the skull already...that's Harry.  Andrew thinks it'd be cool to have in our dental office one day.  Next to Harry is an autographed picture of Eli Manning and some sort of famous baseball players that I'm of course supposed to know who they are.  There's also a bride and groom Mickey and Minnie from our honeymoon up there. 
looking towards the door, from the window

We did have a little futon thing in here before, but wanted to put a real bed in when we got the house ready to sell.  Ironically it made the room a lot bigger.  Izzy's little bed doesn't belong there, and I'm really not sure how it got there for this picture, but whatev, it's cute!  Of course it bugs me there's no headboard, but this was only temporary.  I also LOVE my Walter Anderson "A" print that Peter and Darcy got me for Christmas one year!! 

Hope you like my office/study/back room/library...whatever the room is!

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