March 21, 2011


I passed my board exam! whew - what a relief!!  Only a few more things until I graduate :-)  Mostly just finishing up patient procedures and several presentations to give, some in front of the whole school and some in front of a panel of faculty members - either way, I'm not looking forward to any of those!

I had a fun week working with Andrew in Oxford.  We tried to fit a little furniture shopping in, but no luck.  We moved our breakfast table and chairs and the coffee table in.  We also assembled the master bedroom bed and the guest bedroom bed and moved two dressers in.  Andrew's closet is full of his clothes and the master bed is made-up and ready to sleep in.  I just wish I was up there to enjoy it with him! 

I also can't wait for my little nephew, Sam, to arrive!  Only about 15 more weeks, I think.  I went into Belk to buy a gift for our friend Jennifer's baby shower, and ended up getting FOUR outfits for little Sam.  I couldn't resist...I know it'll probably just keep getting worse from here.  Darcy is doing great - please keep praying for a healthy baby!


Rachel said...

CONGRATS!! That is awesome!!

Mrs. Magnolia said...

Congrats on passing! I had no doubts!! Buying outfits for babies is irresistable!

glynda said...

Congratulations~ - But then I wasn't worried at all

Mary K., David and James said...

hooray! So proud of you!