September 12, 2011

Painting the House

After we bought our new house back in February, Andrew and I had been debating for quite some time whether or not to paint the exterior of our house, which is part brick and part siding.  Here's a before pic:
We never really disliked anything about the "before" look, but we were really looking for a fresh, new, updated look.  We had been spotting some remodeled houses that had newly painted brick, and really liked the look of it.  But we were scared.  Painting the brick is so permanent.  Once you put any paint on, you had to go for it.

So we went crazy and did it.  I decided to test out 2 colors I had narrowed it down to.  Both were a kind of khaki color, with just a hint of green.  One was "Fenland" from Sherwin Williams and the other was "Heath" by Martha Stewart.  I believe the siding color was "Grecian Ivory" by Sherwin Williams and the color for the shutters and the gutters was "Urbane Bronze" by Sherwin Williams.  With the first brush stroke of paint, I absolutely loved it.  I knew we had made the right decision to paint it, we just had to choose the perfect color.  We ended up choosing "Fenland" but it was a close one.

At the beginning of June, Andrew and I took a quick little vaca down to Destin with our friends, Jeffrey and Mary Melinda, so that we could go to the MS Dental Association conference and get some CE and some sun.  We opted to have the house painted while we were gone.  I think I was partly crazy for doing that, but Andrew's parents live down the street and popped in everyday to oversee it and update us on the progress.  When we got back, we had a brand new house!!
I spy an Izzy you?

While the colors don't show up quite right in the pictures, you get the idea.  Hope y'all like the change as much as we do!


Joey and Elizabeth said...

That looks great!!! The house was beautiful to begin with, but the paint is such a nice update :) Love it!!

Jocelyn Dill said...

I like it! I usually like painted brick.

Megan said...

I love it!! Great color choices!