March 13, 2009

Dear Spring Break, I love you.

It's here. Finally. My long-awaited, much needed, glorious Spring Break! What a miserable way to end the week, though - a Pharmacology exam and yucky-tasting impressions in the clinic. Boo. I've come to the conclusion that Spring Break is actually a gift from God. He knows us all too well, and therefore, He knows we need breaks. lots of breaks. Even though I'm really sad (and currently throwing myself a pity-party) because I am not going to the beach on the big spring break trip with my friends (gasp!). poor, poor, pitiful me. BUT I know it will be perfectly fine, because I have a gigantic to-do list. Not that they're all "fun" to-do's, but I know I will feel ten times better coming back after the break after having accomplished so much. at least that's what I tell myself to make myself look on the bright side! I've got to clean up the entire upstairs at my parents' house, where I'm a current resident. Basically I need to unpack everything from my move back home, only to repack it all in a couple of months. that's when I start living with a boy - my husband :-) Also on the to-do list are collecting addresses for invitations, helping Kelly look for an apartment in Memphis, attending another wedding, and hosting a baby shower! What a week!

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