December 8, 2009

Christmas, Corndogs, and Snow

I finally took some pictures of our Christmas tree! I'm sure you've been holding your breath in anticipation…

But first, I came across a few other pictures I wanted to share.

I know it was a few weeks ago, but here are some pics from the Ole Miss-LSU game.

Here's Andrew and me:

The Ross' + Jeffrey:

The Hogan Family at the game:

One of the most hilarious Ole Miss fans:

Now here's one of my Izzy girl. She wanted to go to school with me the other day, so she hoped in one of my bags! [Andrew put her in there, of course.]

Here's Izzy checking out the snow from last Friday…"Mom, my feet are COLD. How much longer do I have to stand here for you to take my picture??"

Now here she is in her finest form…she thinks she rules our house.

And here's proof that she does. Hanging out with her daddy, watching football while I studied:

OK so, here's the grand finale of today's parade of pictures. Drum roll, please…


[Side Note #1] I have always had a real tree, but Andrew already had this lovely (yet, massive) tree.  Our deal was that we'd use it for this year and next year (our last Christmas' in this house *tear*), and then we could start getting real trees whenever we are in our next house.

[Side Note #2] I am mostly a fan of white lights on Christmas trees.  I just like the white ones.  BUT with that being said, I also really love a fat frazier fir with multi-colored lights and all handmade/super-random ornaments.  One day I want to have a "proper" Christmas tree in the living room and a "fun" tree in the kitchen or den or whatever.  So, needless to say - my tree obviously does not fall into either category, I know.  Want to know my secret??  I wrapped the entire tree in white lights (3 or 4 strands).  Then I found these awesome (If I may say so myself) colored lights that are ONLY red/purple-pink/gold, so they add a "warm glow" without the blue and green lights.  SO...then wrap 1-2 strands of the "warm" colored lights throughout the tree.  Now, you have a very "blended" look and the best of both worlds!!  I love this idea/look so I hope you do, too.

[Side Note #3] Yes, we do have a topper.  A star, I think.  We just haven't come across it yet! haha.

Here are some of my our favorite ornaments.

This one is from our Honeymoon @ Disney World!!

This is the first one I've given Andrew. My friend Sarah gave me the idea for this new "ornament tradition." She surprises her husband, Joe, with a new one each year. It has Andrew and me and Izzy (of course) on there since it is "Our first Christmas" for all 3 of us!

Here are some close-ups from other random parts of the tree:

And here's our mantle…

I also have lots of Christmas decorations spread throughout the house, too. It's safe to say we're obsessed. Here's my new reindeer that I got at Mistletoe this year (along with our engagement pic! … can you believe that was almost a YEAR ago?!?).

And last but not least, here's the two of us before we went to the UMC Claus Ball.

I have my LAST final tomorrow!!  woo hoo!  We have a written test at 8, and then a "lab" test right afterward, which consists of doing periodontal surgeries on PIG jaws!!

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Rachel said...

love your tree...especially the Disney ornament! :)