December 21, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Werner

This weekend we had a blast at Megan McKibben & Patrick Werner's wedding!  Thursday I headed over to Birmingham to begin the festivities with Megan, Ali, Erin, Megan Sellers, and Susan.  We had lots to celebrate at dinner Thursday night: Megan & Patrick's wedding, Ali's engagement, Sarah's anniversary, and my birthday :-)

Friday we had the bridesmaids luncheon at the cutest little tea room, and then we had the Rehearsal dinner at Vulcan Park.  It was so much fun - barbeque and cowboy boots.  Plus, Megan's mom's band played!  This venue was perfect and overlooked the entire city, all lit-up at night. 

Saturday, was the wedding, obviously.  M & P got married at Trinity Methodist, which is amazingly beautiful, especially at Christmastime. 

Here is a pick with the stunning bride.  Her wedding dress color was called something like champagne ivory rum, which sounds DELICIOUS to me! haha

She is the best friend a girl could ever ask for.  She's the best listener, always understands and knows exactly what I'm talking about, and can always make me laugh.  I am so incredibly happy for her and her new husband, whose birthday is TODAY - Happy Birthday, Patrick!!

I wish I had more pictures to share, but the bulk of the pics are on my dad's camera.  Guess that'll be a good project when we are hanging out over there this week.

Also.  I made (yes, hand-made) stockings for my [new] family this year: me, Andrew, and Izzy.  With some a lot of guidance from my mom, I did it!  They turned out sooo cute, and of course I made a very easy "tutorial" for all of you, but of course the pictures are again on my dad's camera and I have yet to obtain them.  I guess it'll be a little late to make them this year, but I'll try to post it anyway. 

I've been in a mad rush to write my wedding thank-you notes because I'm including our Christmas card inside, too!  Send me your address if you want a Christmas card, too :-)

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