January 20, 2010

3rd Answers

Have you ever had repetitive dreams, and if so what do you think it means?

I have no idea!  I have never been able to remember any of my dreams.  I know that I do dream, but whenever I wake up I can't remember what they were about, much less if they are repetitive.  I wish I could remember all of my crazy dreams!

On a side note, we successfully finished painting and "fixin' up" our guest bedroom and bathroom.  They look awesome!  We chose a pale sage/celery type of green for the paint color.  It's Valspar "Lyndhurst Spring Eve," and it was perfect!  I'll have to admit that I did have a momentary freak-out when I sampled the color on the wall and started painting the trim, because I really liked the color but thought it might be too much color.  Not so.  Once it was all dry - it was much more toned-down and was just right. 

We've already painted our Study/extra bedroom - "French Pastry".  So then came the hard part...picking out a color for our master bedroom/bathroom.  We really wanted to do a brown/beige color.  Just enough oomph of color for us, but neutral enough for whenever we sell our house.  Boy was this a dilemma.  It was the first time I made use of those sample cans of paint.  Browns are so hard to pick because of the undertones, some are pinkish, some are yellowish, some are grayish.  I just wanted plain.  The first color we tried out was "Cincinnati Hotel Carl Tan," and I almost didn't even buy the sample can because I just knew it was going to be way too light.  WRONG.  We liked it for us, but felt it was a little too brown for resale, so we went with "Warm Buff" instead and it was PERFECT!!  Not to boring beige but not overdone either.  We haven't painted it yet, but went ahead and took full advantage of the sale at Lowe's this MLK weekend.  They had $5 rebates on each can of paint!  So we saved $15 on paint this weekend :-) y'all know I love a good deal!


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