February 7, 2010

Bedroom/Bathroom Redo

Here's a few pictures from when we recently painted and fixed-up our guest bedroom/bathroom.  We love our little house, and even though we'll move when I graduate, we've enjoyed making it our own.  We've really tried hard not to spend a lot of money since it'll all be relatively temporary.  One thing that we've done that helps make things seem new is to use something from one room and give it a new use in another room.  For example, we found some new curtains for our living room on clearance, and then used our old living room curtains in the guest bedroom - good as new!

[totally just realized that I misspelled "aisle" as "isle" in the picture - oops! but too lazy to re-edit! haha - forgive me.]
This week I'm working on painting our master bedroom/bathroom.  I'll keep you updated :-)

Enjoy your Sunday - GEAUX SAINTS!!!

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Mrs. Magnolia said...

Well Alison, I just found your blog haha! I love it! I will definitely keep up with it!