June 16, 2010

Peru 2010

I made it back on June 5th, and it has been such a whirlwind since.  My apologies for just now posting.  And no, I did not see Van der Sloot while we where there.  Thankfully!
Since I kind of gave you the run down on the trip before I left, I figured I'll just show and tell about some of my favorite pictures!

This is a view of the Pacific Ocean from Lima:

This is a picture of the center of town in Trujillo, where we spent most of the week:

A poinsettia TREE in the yard of one of the missionary families:

Typical houses at one of our clinic sites, with the mountain we climbed one day in the background:

A typical day's set up.  Just in the middle of the street in one of the neighborhoods:
One of the best new tricks I learned!  Charm those little girls with some fingernail-painting!

The Plaza d'Armas (?) at night - in the middle of Trujillo:

While I DID eat a lot of new and interesting things, I did not eat this amazing meringue - but I was so impressed by it, it deserved a picture!  Seriously, how good does that look?

At the BEACH!!  This was on the last day when I attempted surfing - HA!  I probably would have been better off in one of these boats from pre-incan times...

Group shot of the dental team on the beach.  The perfect ending to a perfect trip!
 P.S. How adorable is my teacher standing on the front row with me and Patrice?  She rocks.  Just thought you should know.

New "delicacies" I tried:
  • goat
  • rabbit
  • beef heart
  • beef stomach
  • Pisco Sours - my new favorite drink!  I guess it's kind of like a lemon-y margarita? 
I'm sure this is TMI for most of you, but it's just too funny not to share.  Every day presented a new challenge for going to the bathroom.  Fortunately I didn't have any GI issues, but WHERE I went to the bathroom is the funny part.  Most days we set up in the middle of the street in a very poor neighborhood, so the only real option was to find a willing person to let you into their home.  Top bathroom adventures definitely included peeing in a hole in the ground in someone's backyard with a tethered pig next to me and then another day peeing next to a makeshift toilet with a guinea pig pen next to me...I guess it's all in a day's work! 

This trip really was an awesome experience - to go with a few of my classmates and an awesome teacher to another country and practice everything we've learned and keep on learning some more!

I can't WAIT to go on more trips like this - hopefully my husband will be able to come next time!

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Christina said...

Alison, I'm glad you posted these pictures. I still haven't seen Clay's yet!