November 22, 2010

Christmas Stocking Tutorial

Last year, right before Christmas, we realized Izzy did not have a stocking.  Tragedy, I know.  Plus I wanted to have a stocking for Andrew and myself (and Izzy) for our own house.

Side Note: Since I didn't do a "just wondering" post last week, I'll add it to this post...

Do you "do" stockings at Christmas?  If so, what's in a typical stocking?  Is it a few simple stocking stuffers and little "happies" or is it filled to the brim with smaller-sized "big" gifts? 

We always hang stockings at my parents' house.  Their mantle is very "hole-y" now thanks to all the nail holes we've added.  These days there are 8 stockings up there!
after Santa loaded 'em up last year!
Dad, Andrew, Me, Izzy, Lucy, Kelly, Grandma, and Mom...whew!

As you can see, Santa loads these stockings up, but there's a lot of candy, and random things like socks (?) and calendars and so on.

Andrew's parents don't do stockings, but they hand out ridiculously huge bags of candy to everyone after the present-opening.  Yum!!

Ok, on to the tutorial...

Mom and I made several new stockings in a hurry last year.  They were SO easy to make.  I've seen so many cute stockings on blogs, websites, magazines, etc. this year that I already want to make a new set, take my time, and embellish them a little more :-) But then again, I don't have my own house for Christmas this maybe next year!

We made our stockings out of felt, so they were very inexpensive, too.  These are a great idea if you want new Christmas decor, but have a small budget.  You can use any type of cute fabric for these.  I've seen lots of fun patterns and even burlap used this year. 

We used red and white felt and had some red and white polka-dot ribbon on hand for some trim.  Using two layers of material, draw an outline of the shape of stocking you want to make.  [If you are using a pattern or a material with a front side and back side, place the two front sides together on the inside, so that you draw on the back side/outside.] We used a very basic and traditional outline.  [also, don't stress if your shape isn't perfect, you can perfect it as you go] Our stockings were roughly 18" long, to give you an idea of size. 

Then sew along the outline, leaving the top open.

Then fold the next color of felt (white in this case) in half.  This will be the "turned over" part of the stocking.  Ours was 4 1/2" wide.

Then wrap it around the stocking and cut it.

Once you have the white flap piece cut, then sew the ends together so that it'll be a circle or loop.

flip the red stocking part, to where the true-outside is on the outside, and the seam is on the inside.  Place the white flap piece on the inside of the red stocking piece and line it up at the top, and pin the two pieces in place.  Note that the folded edge of the white piece is further down in there.

Now, sew along the top edge, kinda on the inside...

If you pull the white flap all of the way out, it should look like this (before you fold the flap down):

Congrats!  The stocking is made!  Now time to give it some flair.  Flip the whole thing inside-out again.

We used ribbon for trim.  Pin the ribbon along the folded edge of the white flap piece. and sew in place.

Turn it back to where the whole thing is right-side-out.  Now create a little hanger loop.  We just used the same ribbon, but you can use cord or twine, or really anything!  Cut a small piece and hand stitch in place.

Ta-da!!  Mine was complete at this point, but like I said, feel free to embellish or add as much or as little flair as you'd like.

We had ours monogrammed, too - which made it super cute!!  I already want to make some more :-)

What's your family's tradition with stockings??

To continue with the Christmas spirit, Mom and I are packing up boxes of Christmas goodies to send overseas to our troops!  If you have a chance - take some time to do the same.  The post office sells boxes specifically for sending to the military overseas, and it's a flat rate, so you can pack it FULL!  It doesn't have to be anything big or fancy, just send something :-)


Mary K., David and James said...

Your handmade stocking is super cute - you are so talented! We do stockings on both sides of our family, and on both sides they are usually little happies like golf balls or McDonald's gift cards and lots of candy.

Mrs. Magnolia said...

Super cute stockings. I wish knew how to sew. Your parent's mantle looks straight out of a magazine. Ben & I just do little treats in our stockings; candy, socks, Starbucks gift cards. My parents still hang a stocking for my sister and I, Ben, our pets, & my sister's little girl. They are always filled with random stuff but my dad usually sneaks in a Ben Franklin every year :) Will we see y'all Saturday??