November 11, 2010

Just Wondering...

I promise, I'll try to do better about actually posting on Wednesday, but let's just roll with it...

Now that I'm FINISHED with studying for the board exam, I'm trying to figure out Christmas decorations, plans, and gifts.  We are on an extremely frugal budget this year, so I'm trying to plan ahead and use a little creativity! 

This week, I was just wondering...

Do you draw names for gift-giving in your family at Christmas time?  Or do you buy a gift for everyone?

Growing up, my mom's family always drew names for the entire family.  Let me remind you that she's the youngest of 9 and everyone has a lots of kids and grandkids (except for her, of course!).  I always thought it was a fun idea.  We don't really do it any more - I think it just kept growing too big!  We also did the whole draw names thing with some close family friends, too. 

Nowadays, we buy gifts for everyone in the Hogan family and Ross family.  We're still pretty small - only about 10 people (parents, us kids, my grandmother).  Whenever there are children involved, I think it'd be cute for them to draw names amongst themselves. 

I'm trying to plan ahead for gifts this year, maybe even some creative home-made gifts, too.  I'm hoping if I think things through a little more and start buying/making now, I can prevent pricey impulse buying at the last minute. 

Do you have creative ideas for gift giving and/or gift buying? 

On another note...Happy Veteran's Day!!  Please say a prayer for and/or a thank you to someone who has served our country.  Several of my family members and close friends are veterans, and I am so proud of them and so very thankful for them.  Please say a special prayer for our good friend, Russ, who is a marine in Afghanistan right now.  This is his second tour of duty (first in Iraq).  We have other close friends who have come back home and are about to go back again, too.  Pray that they will continue to have positive attitudes and know just how thankful we are for them!

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Mary Mel said...

So for Christmas this year, my mom wanted us to do all homemade gifts for each other. So today I went to Hobby Lobby and ended up getting almost all of my christmas shopping done for a great price! I will be doing a lot of work at home, as almost all of them are projects, but I'm excited! Also, we give a present to each person in the family but I think that's a great idea about drawing names when there are children. Good luck!