November 9, 2010

Finally Finished!

After lots of studying and 2 days of testing, my board exam is finally over!!  I don't believe the day has finally come (I think, and hope!) that I've just taken my *last* test for the past 21 years.  I still have a few class projects to do, and I'll still have to tackle my clinical boards in March....but I consider this a MAJOR hurdle I finally jumped over, and I am so relieved. Whew! 

Well I put a lot of things on hold, so here's a few pictures of the few things we've been up to lately (besides studying, of course!)...

My little Pumpkin for Halloween

"Do I have to keep taking pictures??"

tired of modeling her pumpkin shirt...

Izzy's new cousin - MOE!!

I'm in love.  He's so adorable.  and fluffy!

at the Ole Miss/Auburn Game

I made Mom's cheeseball into a pumpkin! [found the idea on someone's blog, but can't remember where, if you do, send me the link!]

at the "Random Rebels" tent :-)

fun friends in the grove!

glad I got to see Lindsey before the game!

watching the 3-D show (?) at halftime 

The Oxford trip was a good little break before the exam...glad it's over now!


Rachel said...


Mrs. Magnolia said...

So happy that you got that exam over! It was so good seeing y'all at the game. Love the pictures of Izzy, although she doesn't look like a happy camper

Alison said...

She was totally pouting the ENTIRE time. She did NOT want her picture made. It was hilarious.