November 2, 2010


Well I did get a few responses last week, so I'll keep "Just Wondering..." Wednesday going.  I was bored the other day and actually wrote a little list of questions to ask for the next few weeks.  And then my computer freaked out on me completely out of the blue.  Apparently the fan was broken among other things, which included the MOTHERBOARD.  awesome.  So that conveniently saved list along with every other document and picture, etc, are in computer heaven.  May they rest in peace, amen.  So I can't remember some of the "good"questions I wanted to ask, even though I "wrote" them down. 

This week I was just wondering...

Do you make your bed EVERY day?  Do you really make it with shams and throw pillows and all, or do just pull up the covers and fluff your pillow? Also, do you wake up when your alarm clock goes off? or do you always press snooze?

For me, I try my best to make our bed most days, but only half-way make it.  That means the covers are straightened and pulled up and pillows are fluffed and 2 shams, but not all the pillows and sometimes not the shams.  I actually have been campaigning to try to talk Andrew into making the bed as one of his chores.  He doesn't have many, so I'm trying to convince him this should be one :-) 

As for the alarm clock, that has changed drastically in the last few years.  I used to wake up in that split second of silence that you can sometimes hear right before the alarm goes off, then immediately roll out of bed and go on with my jolly self.  Not so much any more.  It's a few rounds of snoozing and 2 alarm clocks later that I drag myself out of bed.  I wish I could go back to the old way.  I felt more productive.  and jollier.  (is that a word?) 

I know it's a random question, but I'm trying to do this week's post without my "list" and it was the first thing that popped into my head since I'm staring at the bed while I sit on the couch in our room, and I needed to do it quickly before I get caught blogging and get in big trouble....This time next week I'll be FINISHED with my board exam!!

[Disclaimer] Yes, I do know that it's Tuesday, not Wednesday...just wanted to post while I had the chance :-)

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Mary Mel said...

Hello there! Well, I pretty much always make up my bed. It never happens when I get right out of bed, but usually after I've had a cup of coffee! The only time I don't make it is if Jeffrey is out of town for business during the week. As for the alarm.....I am probably the world's worst. I have never gotten up when my alarm has gone off. I snooze for 30 minutes to an hour!