November 28, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving, y'all!  and now...Merry Christmas!!

Andrew and I left Wednesday to head up to Oxford for Thanksgiving and the weekend.  Thursday we got to take another tour of Peter and Darcy's house that's being built - and wow it is coming along fast and looks sooo great!  We watched a little of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (I dream of going one day!!) and a little of the Dog Show.  Random, I know, haha!  Then my parents came into town and we all [Andrew, me, Peter, Darcy, my parents + Kelly, and Andrew's parents] had a big Thanksgiving day lunch at Andrew's parents' house.  There was a lot of food, a lot of laughing, and well, even more laughing! 

Friday, Andrew and I went with Andrew's parents and Peter over to Tupelo for a few Black Friday deals.  We didn't go early at the crack of dawn or anything, but we did snag a few good finds.  Friday night, we went to the Powerhouse in Oxford for a wedding reception.  The couple got married in Scotland (how cool?!) and had their reception back in town. 
Andrew, Kent, Trey...Trey's sister, Holly, was the bride.

looking frumpy, but it was freezing that night!
Andrew and I had a lot of fun catching up with some of his good friends from growing up that we don't to see all that often with Kent being in Pennsylvania and Trey in New Orleans.

Saturday was a fun day with friends and family in the Grove!  I finally got to see several friends I had missed at the last few games, and really loved catching up with them!!
love my sweet engaged friend, Anna

Hogan family :-)
another fun engaged friend, Jocelyn, at our tent!
The game was obviously not as much fun as hanging out in the Grove beforehand was.  It started out a good game, then it sucked, then we thought we had a chance, but we should totally have known better than that...

Mom and I found some cute gloves at Stein Mart the other day, called "spirit fingers."  They are just your typically knit gloves but have pom-poms on the fingers...perfect for cheering on our team!
Mom and Kelly at the game...with "spirit fingers"
There's always next year...right?

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Mrs. Magnolia said...

So good seeing you this weekend :) Love the gloves, I need some spirit fingers!