December 4, 2010

Santa Claws

Izzy turned 2 on Wednesday!  Guess that means she's a teenager in dog years.  We got her a new toy at Petsmart :-)  Surprisingly she hasn't shredded it yet. 

I went back to Petsmart today to have her picture made with "Santa Claws."  She was such a little nervous Nellie, but she was so cute! We surprised Andrew with her new pic today for a fun little Christmas happy.

My parents took us to the Chris Tomlin "Glory in the Highest" Christmas Tour on Thursday night and it was nothing short of AMAZING.  The concert was held at Pinelake, and when the tickets went on sale they sold out FAST, so the tour kindly offered to do ANOTHER concert on Friday night and those tickets sold out, too!  Christie Nockels performed with Chris Tomlin, and Louie Giglio gave a short but incredible message in the middle, "The 12 Words of Christmas."  It seems to be a yearly thing that they are doing, so if you ever have the chance to go - DO!  It will put you in such a Christ-centered Christmas mood.  Highly recommended!

Now looking forward to picking out a Christmas tree tomorrow, helping mom decorate around the house, and then Carols by Candlelight :-) All fun little Christmas happenings!

Tonight is the "Claus Ball" for UMC students, so we'll be getting dolled up and heading to the MS Museum of Art.

Merry Christmas!!!

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Mrs. Magnolia said...

Sounds like y'all had a great weekend. Love the picture of Izzy with Santa!

Can't wait to see pictures of the tree.