December 8, 2010

Real or Fake?

In keeping with the holiday spirit, I was just wondering about what everyone's tradition is with Christmas trees.

Do you decorate a fresh-cut or "real" Christmas tree? Or do you decorate an artificial or "fake" Christmas tree?

Growing up, I've always [I repeat, always] had a real, fresh-cut Christmas tree.  When Kelly and I were younger, my parents took us out to a tree farm.  We'd ride on "santa's sleigh," aka a hay-ride out to the trees, pick the best one out there, chop it down, and wait for Santa's sleigh to come back and pick us up.  So much fun.  I loved it.  Since then, we've usually picked out a tree somewhere in town that is donating part of the proceeds to charity.  Still lots of fun.  Nothing beats it in my mind. 

Andrew has never had a "real" tree, only the "fake" tree.  Which is just not the same.  I will admit, the clean-up and no-watering is nice, but the where's the smell??  [Also, I will admit that they are less likely to fall over and crash and break all of your pretty/dainty ornaments like what happened this weekend at my parents!]

When we got married, he already had a hand-me-down Christmas tree, so I decided it would be ok for us to use it last year.  I quickly learned why it's a hand-me-down.  (a) it is absolutely in wide, not tall and (b) you have to stick practically every branch in individually.   It swallowed our living room whole.   Ah, newlywed bliss.  

This year we are nomads, so we have no tree of our own.  Therefore, the battle of the Christmas tree will continue until next year...

What kind of tree to you have??

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Mary K., David and James said...

Oh, real all the way! For the smell alone if nothing else!