February 24, 2011


I have a few big prayer requests for you:

I know I've mentioned several times that Andrew's family is from Egypt.  He and his brother were born there, but his parents moved their family to America when Andrew was a baby.  They made this move for a lot of reasons, but especially for a better life for their two boys.  We live in a country that Christians can worship freely without fear of persecution...it convicts me every time I think about how much we take that for granted.  Stop and think about it. 

The rest of the Ross family still lives in Egypt.  Both Mr. and Mrs. Ross come from big families, and everyone seems to be doing ok so far.  Please pray for them as this is a very uncertain time that lies ahead.  Obviously now this has become a world-wide issue, but please don't forget to pray for Egypt and our family there!

Remember when Lydia was born early in December?  Well her little cousin, Baker was born early, too.  You can read more about Baker's story on my friend's blog here, and you can read his momma's updates on Caring Bridge here.  This little guy is in need of some prayers - I know our God can work some awesome miracles!!

And on a selfish note...I have my clinical licensing/board exam next Friday, March 4th.  I am not nervous about the procedures at all.  We have to do 2 different types of fillings and one cleaning.  I'm just nervous about finding one more patient and then having all three of my patients actually show up, show up on time and qualify.  If they don't show up or don't qualify, then I fail and have to wait until June to take it again.  I'm just feeling very overwhelmed by the pressure of it all.

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